too much information is overwhelming

When learning becomes overwhelming most adult learners tend to check out. Adult learners are always weighing up the pro’s and con’s of learning something new. If they can’t grasp the amount of information that is being given, they can’t clearing identify the benefits in learning, so they stop.

If someone checks out of your online course then they’re not going to finish and get the end result that you promised. They’re not going to leave a review or testimonial and tell their network about you.

That causes a breakdown in the course cycle.

The cycle is not linear

Many course creators tend to think of the consumer cycle as a linear process. People come into the the top of a funnel and at the bottom you’ll be left with the ‘ideal customers’ that purchase from you.

When it comes to online courses you should be thinking about it as a cycle or circle. People come in, get a result, move to the next step and go around and around not falling from your process.

The people that get the results come back to do more programs with you, they leave reviews and share their experiences with their network.

Seven plus or minus two

This is a good rule of thumb when it comes to creating courses that deliver results. What five steps need to be taken to get the learner from where they are to where they want to be?

Those five steps become the modules of your course. Within those steps you are going to need to break the information down into smaller chunks or parts. Once again aim to break down each step into five parts.

Audit your existing online course, with the aim of increasing completion rates and gathering glowing testimonials to grow your business, reach and impact.