13: How to balance 'on trend' and 'authenticity' with Sarah Airey

On this episode of SkillSeeker Podcast, I chat with Sarah Airey from Sasa Collective. She is known for her handmade and super cute jewellery dishes.  


It was so refreshing to talk to Sarah. Not only is she super funny but she has this real sense of self-awareness so the insight she shared about her journey was so interesting.


We have been bold with our 2020 style trends so watch this space to see if we nail it.Nothing was held back in this chat.


In this episode we talk about:


-    Balancing what’s on trend with our authentic vision

-    Overcoming adversity

-    How growing up with social media impacts or hinders brand building

-    Self-awareness for growth and development

-    Refining your offering to make it best quality and simple





You can find Sasa Collective’s website here. I recommend checking out Sarah’s Instagram here, she is so fun.


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You can find more about Biz Mama Books here. Rose has created a fantastic practical guide to Xero. I highly recommend if you are looking at using Xero to manage your accounts.