12: Backing yourself and charging your worth with Eloise Smith

 Today we are talking to Eloise Smith, social media manager and VA.

Eloise is only 10 months into her business journey and has already achieved so many great things, including booking out her social media management calendar. 

Currently, Eloise is consulting and looking at creating some online courses to share her skills and knowledge. Of course, information these courses will be available on the SkillSeeker Collective Website as soon as they launch. 

Eloise is so sweet. I had so much fun talking with her and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this with you. 

In this episode we talking about: 

· Starting a side hustle business to test the waters

· Chasing happiness in all of your business pursuits

· Charging your worth 

· Learning about what you don’t want to do is still forward progress


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