If you are looking to grow your business with online courses, then listen up. Your business will grow when the completion rates of your courses increase.

Word of mouth referrals and testimonials are critical to the success of your courses. To get these you must deliver quality content to your participants.

There is so much hype around automation and funnels and no real conversation around the course content.

Consider this, if a company was selling a physical product and only 1 in 5 worked as they claimed, would you expect to see sustained growth for that business? 

Courses should be treated exactly like physical products. Shape, refine, tweak until you have a quality product.

Start tracking the progress of your participants. You should expect to see a small drop off of participation as the course progresses. If you notice a large drop it would indicate some work needs to be done on the content in that unit. It could be that the content is too complex or that there is a step missing. 

The levels of tracking vary depending on the online platform you are using. 

Here are a few features to look for that will help you track progress:

Overall completion rates

This isn’t the most accurate because it doesn’t highlight the exact area of drop off. You will be able to calculate an average from everyone enrolled in a specific timeframe. Once you have made some improvements to your course you can then work out the average for the timeframe after the improvements. 

Drip content

This is a great feature that only releases new material once someone has completed the previous section. You will be able to see exactly where people stopped.

progress indicator

Some online learning platforms like Ivanto allow you to track with more detail. The progress indicator next to each student’s name reveals how many lessons have been completed successfully. Invanto also offers the drip content feature. 

The next step is to look at how to make small tweaks to your content to increase the completion rates and get more testimonials.